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02/04/2009 Ask Mike! Archive Page
3 Bladed Propeller

Good Morning Mike,

My name is Mark, I have a J-model.

I removed my prop for overhaul and have been told there are no more parts available.

Last time we spoke you had picked up a nice three bladed prop for your project.

I'm just checking to see if you know of any other guys who are looking to sell a three bladed prop.


Hi Mark;

Parts availability issues on your prop, not good.

However, that would indicate to me that it is a Beech 278.  If your engine has more than 100 hours on it, I would not recommend going to a 3-blade from a 2-blade; as an engine breaks in and wears, the counterweight pins and bushings will wear to the prop configuration.  Switching can cause a vibration.

I'll keep my ears open for a good used unit for you.

Confirm, please, you have the IO-470-C, and the aircraft is Canadian registered, meaning the prop has to be overhauled at 10 year intervals.

Talk with you soon,

Hello Mike,

Thanks for the reply, I'm considering going to the Scimitar prop for the 470 from D'Shannon.  I'm a little concerned about the counter weights as well.  I'll probably take the chance and balance it myself.  I'll let you know the result.

It is a IO-470 C and yes the 10 year regulation applies.  It's 50 years old so probably not a bad time to up grade.

If you hear of anything let me know, but I will probably order one soon.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Hope all is well.


Balance issues are inside the engine, a dynamic balance rarely will cure if there is a problem.

Talk with you soon,