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Trivia and Other Non-Sense

Periodically we run across unusual things in the aircraft world.  Mike decided to have a trivia game to see who could be first at identifying what these are. 

While we're not offering any prize for the correct answer, the first person to give us the correct, substantiated answer will get their name posted here as the honorary "Trivia King" or "Trivia Queen".

Please send your answers to avstarair@att.net.  We're looking for what type of aircraft it is used on and/or the specific use of the item.

Trivia Game #1

A friend was cleaning out his many years (we won't say how many) of accumulated aircraft parts and brought this in.  Thanks, JT! 

We're as curious about this one as everyone else is.  We haven't seen anything like it.

    Fastener for trivia game      Trivia game - fastener    Back of fastener for trivia game 

We have an Honorary Trivia Master! 

Lane's answer is:  a through hole for a cable or control knob such as a carb heat knob.
Thank you, Lane!