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Promotions and Clearance Items


From time to time we have surplus inventory items to offer.  Some items are "as removed" and some are "new surplus".  Check back often for new offerings.  We have an extensive inventory of items, so call or email for items not listed.

Please call or email for current price and availability on these items.  All items are subject to prior sale.

We only ship to addresses in the U.S. and Canada.

Click on each picture for a larger view.

As Removed Items

V35 cowl gills
Beech 36 Lower cowling doors (gills).   (File Photo:  Blue in color)

E-power Bonanza mount parts
As-removed engine mount structure from F35.

E-exhaust parts
E-Powered exhaust, several collectors, mufflers, and tail pipes to choose from.

Big-block exhaust

470-exhaust (pictured).  Also have sets of 520/550 exhaust (ball & socket type).

A36 stingers   Early 35 stingers
Tail cones, early 35 (phenolic) and A36 (aluminum).

Bonanza nose bugs!   SHORT - Bonanza grills
Nose bugs for parts or complete, undamaged.  Also the intake grills (short).

Landing gear transmission parts 
Bonanza landing gear and transmission parts.

Clearance Items

The following is a partial listing of our new surplus items.  The list is broken down into types, i.e. Beech, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, etc. 

Please call or e-mail to make an offer.

Airframe - Miscellaneous

Part NumberDescriptionsQuantityPrice EachCondition
LP-365CLWindow, Cessna Door237.50NOS





Item #        Item Name       Qty    Category
002-410000-135       Seal                 2         Beech
002-410001-143       Hinge                1         Beech
002-410026-22        Bulkhead             1         Beech
002-430038-83        Stringer             1         Beech
002-521013-3         Screw, Actuator      1         Beech (New Surplus)
102-160000-9         Doubler, Flap Assy   1         Beech
102-384039-1         Light Cont. Panel    1         Beech
102933-S5ZH0096      Spacer               2         Beech
105740X-ZR0480       Bushing              1         Beech
130909B127           Bolt                 1         Beech
130909B293           Bolt                 1         Beech
130909BH158          Bolt, Machine, Mag   5         Beech
130909BH96           Bolt                 6         Beech
131790-3             Bolt, Wing Attach    2         Beech
33-130000-7          Tab, Aileron         2         Beech
35-165050-62         Angle                1         Beech
35-165050-63         Angle                2         Beech
35-3015-1 S          LG Retract Kit       1         Beech (New Surplus)
35-521230-2          Spacer               1         Beech
35-660040-18         Spar                 1         Beech
35-810122-1          Bushing              1         Beech
35-910288            Spring               1         Beech
35-919133            Spring               1         Beech
36-369021-3          Battery Drain Duct   1         Beech
36-430051-3          Filler, Upper Hinge  1         Beech
36-430056-9          Shim                 8         Beech
36-910049-1          Bracket              1         Beech (New Surplus) 
45-825031            Bearing, Lwr Piston NG  1      Beech  
76061                Pressure Switch      1         Beech
96-520011            Rod End              1         Beech
96-526012            Rod End              2         Beech
96-919112-1          Seal, Air Box        1         Beech
B-7618               Gasket               1         Beech (Note:  not for air conditioned unit)   
MS16625-1125         Ring, Retaining      9         Beech
MS24566-4B           Pulley               1         Beech
MS28776R2-20         Scraper              1         Beech
NAS464-5-33          Bolt, Shear, Hex     1         Beech
NAS76A3-004          Bushings             4         Beech
PP-4405              Spring, Compression  1         Beech
S550                 Relay                1         Beech
VV-15-625            Brake Cylinder       1         Beech
VW1KSPB              Rheostat             1         Beech

Item #         Item Name      Qty    Category
0432001-16            Skin                 1         Cessna
1211655-10            Bulkhead             1         Cessna
1211655-14            Jamb                 1         Cessna
Door Locks            Door Locks          24         Cessna
J7444-14              Mount                3         Lord
KP3A                  Bearing              1         Cessna
MD35-14M              Rod End Bearing      2         Cessna
R860069               Seal                 5         Cessna
S1003-65A             Bearing              3         Cessna
S2145-1               Seal                 18"       Cessna

Item #         Item Name     Qty     Category

01-0750205-00     Install Package 90'     1          Whelen
W1284C                Nav Lense           3          Electric

Item #         Item Name     Qty     Category
AN910-2D              Coupling            3          Hardware
AN915-2D              Elbow               1          Hardware
AN919-6D              Fitting             2          Hardware
AN929-6D              Cap                 3          Hardware
MSGS                  Grommet            32          Hardware
MSHS                  Grommet             9          Hardware

Power Plant - Miscellaneous
Item #         Item Name     Qty     Category
10-382910-18          Magneto Core        1          Bendix/TCM
10-50737              Spring              2          Bendix/TCM
ALE1003X              Frame               1          Prestolite
ES10-79020-10         Magneto Core        1          Electrosystems
ES4118                Brush Set           1          Champion
K3215                 Brush               2          Champion
K3822                 Block/Gear          1          Champion
K3823                 Block/Gear          1          Champion
M3081                 Contact Point Set   2          Champion

Power Plant - Continental
Item #        Item Name       Qty     Category
10-357290-1         Ignition Switch       1           Continental
633958-2            Sleeve                3           Continental

Power Plant - Lycoming
Item #        Item Name       Qty     Category
60828              Piston Pin Cover        7          Lycoming