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03-06-2014 Ask Mike! Question
How do I remove the wing wires from a Bonanza?

Hi Mike,

I've tried to pull the wing wires from an ancient B35 (still younger than me, though).  I've cleaned, heated, Kroiled, etc., but they don't seem to want to budge.

What is the method you employ to break them loose?

Thank you,


Good Morning, Dean,

The operative word is patience.  First, I'll apply the penetrating oil for a few days.  I have found the wires move easiest when the wing is in a sling leading edge down, then I anchor the inboard end to a beam in the hangar.  I have a 3' long piece of angle iron with a 1/4" hole drilled in one end, about 3 - 4" from the end, slide the wire through that, clamp a vise-grips over the wire so that it won't slide back through, a plate under the fulcrum end so as not to destroy the end rib, and apply pressure to pull the wire.  Not a bunch, you don't want to break the wire.  If necessary, a block of wood (to distribute the vibration) and a hammer along the length of the junction (hinge) while pressure is applied.  Continue to heat with a heat gun, but not over 250 degrees.  Method has only failed me once when a wire broke in the gear well area - most common place for corrosion to affect the wire due to debris accumulation holding moisture in.

Never be afraid to walk away and let the wires "think" about it.

This cannot be over-emphasized:  Never use any mechanical method to try and spin the wire - such as a drill - either in or out.

Good luck!


Hi Mike,

First, thank you for your help.

Next:  Three wires came free, the fourth broke about 3/8" from the tip.  It looks like it kinked there before.  The wires have all been sharpened to a fine point, leading me to think they have been pulled and replaced.

With the wire so short, I am concerned I won't be able to pull it without breaking it.  If it breaks off at the end, how could you recover it?  You mentioned one that broke at the root, how did you get that out?  Short of ruining the wing or leading edge, I can't see any way to get at the pin.

Thank you,