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03-16-2013 Ask Mike! Question
Can copilot brakes be added to a Bonanza?


Can copilot brakes be added to a Bonanza which does not have them, and how extensive (and expensive) would the installation be?



The short answer is yes and very.  I did this to my Bo; at the time I did this I had a hard time finding the shuttle valves.  8 years ago, Beech was getting about $1K each for them.  Finally did find some used ones.  A couple more brake cylinders, a few hoses, pedals if you just have the bar type, and quality time with tubing and bender.  The hard points for the master cylinder mounting on the co-pilot side are already there.  Bleeding them can be a chore also.  Plan on 2 days for the project.

Gear Green,



Thanks a bunch.