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04/08/2009 Ask Mike! Archive Page
MLG Door Lightening Holes

Hi Mike,

When I was last at your shop, you commented that the lightening holes in the MLG doors should be re-patched as the duct tape that was covering them is deteriorating.  You suggested that they be covered with dope and fabric; is there a reason to do this rather than simply use aluminum tape?  Is it "tradition" or are there other reasons, as well?  Nothing wrong with tradition, but the aluminum tape is much easier and it's something that I can do.


Hi Rick;

I suppose tradition is a very good way of putting it; if we Bonanza snobs would look at the D'Shannon mods, as well as everything else we have installed upon our aircraft, and still refer to ourselves as purists, there is no hope.

Stay away from the duct tape, aluminum tape should be quite adequate.

(As the original Bonanzas had fabric control surfaces, the dope and fabric was also used on not only the doors, but other ribs in the gear well area also.)

Gear Green,