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04-25-2011 Ask Mike! Archive
GPS Replacement for Loran?


I have a 1967 Bellanca Viking BL17 that has the old Loran system attached to the auto pilot.  I was told that AVSTAR made a GPS unit that has a "slide out...slide in" system to replace the old Loran that would give me a /G rating.  How could I find such an animal if it exists?   Your help would be greatly appreciated.



We are not an avionics manufacturer or repair facility.  That said, most of the old Loran manufacturers went into the GPS business with one or two models as slide-in replacements.  I have an Arnav (now Sagem) GPS in my airplane, took out the old Arnav Loran and changed the antenna, slide the new unit in and was in business.  UPSat (was Apollo, now Garmin) had the same type program.  Find out who made your unit;  either they or their most recent owner may have something for you.

Gear Green,

Thanks Mike for your help....I'm on it!