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04-29-2002 Ask Mike! Archive
Finding interior items

Where can I go, or who can I contact, to obtain raw material to redo seats and other interior items.  In particular, suppliers that meet FAR 23.853.  I am looking for carpet, headliners, door panels, seat covering etc. material.  Any Ideas.  By the way I live in Northern California, close or local suppliers that meet the specs would be great



Sounds like you are going to undertake a do-it-yourself project!  Good luck; everyone always likes to look at the interior for quality.

The first place that comes to mind as a supplier would be Airtex in Pennsylvania (215-295-4115); however, a quick check of the Aviation Telephone Directory lists Cook Fabrics Company, in Santa Rosa (707-544-1272) as being reasonably close to you.
Most of my customers that have chosen auto or marine upholsterers to re-do their aircraft end up calling concerning the requirements for flame retardancy; in over 90 percent of the cases, after I told them what to look for on their data sheets (FAR 23-853 or FAR 25-853), they were able to confirm applicability.  Be sure and obtain copies of the data sheets, as well as purchase orders and or packing slips so a paper trail is formed for the products you use.

Gear Green,