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05-06-2005 Ask Mike! Archive
Wing bolt lubricant and up-lock cables


Can you tell me the proper method of adjusting the up-lock release cables on a V35?  The maintenance manual is not very clear. Also, what's the proper lubricant to use in wet-torqueing the wing bolts. I am ready to re-install the wings on my V-35 project.

Thanks for your help.


For the wing bolt lubricant, Mil-C-16173 grade II is called out; LPS 3 meets this spec., Paralketone works well also.  And be sure you use the proper torque values for the wet torque; dry torque values are considerably higher.
The up-lock cables are adjusted with the threaded clevis on the gear end.  If you do not have enough adjustment, you can move the outer cable in the rib, this is a threaded adjustment of the "bulkhead" fitting.  This is essentially the last adjustment to be made to the main gear system; everything else must be in place (over-travel, travel, uplock clearance), then the cables are adjusted.  A little does a lot, as the tension is coming up, so don't get over-zealous with turning the clevis; after you pass through 30 - 40, use half-turns.  You do not need to go full extension when doing this either:  One person in cabin, one under the airplane.  With gear up, check tension, if low, crank gear down just enough to bring clevis bolt out, make adjustment, slip bolt back in, gear up and check tension, repeat as necessary, safety it when you're done, and don't forget the tygon tubing.
As you know, this work is not preventative maintenance; if you do not have an A&P license, get your mechanic in on this.
Gear Green,