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06-01-2011 Ask Mike! Archive
Dynamic Brake Relay Parts?

Hi Mike,

I read your comments about the dynamic brake relay and I think you have saved me alot of work and headache.  I think the reason the trouble crops up after a gearbox removal is, people like me do not completely remove the motor and it gets set so oil/grease can run into the motor.

My question is, where do you find brushes at a fair cost?  Beech lists them for over $100/each.  The bearings were about 13 bucks so I ordered them, but until I pull my motor apart to see if I need new brushes or simply a cleanup I hesitate to spend that much money for something that should cost about $15 each.

Thanks for your website as I can tell you have a wealth of good info.



I don't buy brushes and bearings for the motors; if they need anything, I send them to a specialty shop.  They take care of all the motor needs.  For example, if you replace the brushes on an old worn commutator, they won't seat properly, and you will chase the over-travel adjustment something fierce.  Also, unless you have the book you don't know what the resistance of the coils should be, etc.  I highly recommend you send the motor to a knowledgeable shop.  I use George's Electric Motor Service (916-922-4277) in Sacramento, CA, but I would think there should be someone in your corner of the world that can do it.