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06-11-2009 Ask Mike! Archive Page
Long Third Window Beech Kit

Hi Mike,

I just acquired an original Beech kit for the long third window.  Original box unopened till now, everything seems to be there.  This is the one that creates the shelf and leaves the shock cords for the retractable step, etc. 

Anyway, I have a K35 and I am up at Skagit, I have never been down to your shop, but have heard good things about you and Beechcraft.  So, can you, will you, install this for me?  And do you have any idea what the installation would cost?


Good Morning, Brian:

The kit catalog lists this item as 85 hours to install.  From past recollection, this does not include paint or upholstery, but I may be fuzzy on that.

Shop rate is $72.00 per hour, so that would be $6,120.00.  We can assist with the paint, if you desire a touch up.  We would need to see the current scheme before committing to a price.

If this kit has been in storage for a while, I would suggest new windows as the protective paper has probably adhered itself quite well.

Please call with any questions.