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07/04/2013 Ask Mike! Archive
Baron with one crack in spar web.

Hello Mike

Thank you for the great site -- so much need-to-know stuff.

I have a question concerning B55 spar kits.  My baron has one small (<1 inch) crack in the radius bend area of the starboard side.  What should I do?  Put in a doubler for that crack and wait to see if any more appear, or should I do both sides anyways?

I have asked around and nobody seems convinced that it's necessary to do more than the cracked corner, just that it "feels right" to do both sides, but they aren't paying!

I would really appreciate your advice.



There are a few Bo's and a Baron or two (that I know of) with only one side repaired.  You must buy the kit as a front or rear kit, so you get the parts for both left and right sides, but nothing is written that you must do both if only one is needing it.  The size of the finished repair doubler is based upon the extent of cracking.  Therefore, if one is installed simply to "feel good", the question comes up as to how big do you make it?

Installation of the repair kits in not a big deal for anyone that has either successfully accomplished this in the past, or can follow the drawings.  That said, we have had to reinstall some that were originally installed incorrectly by big-brand shops.

Let me know if we can help.