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08/08/2013 Ask Mike! Archive
What are the three holes in the side of my Bonanza?

Hey, Mike!

There are three holes in the fuselage of my Bonanza...what are they for?



Very common on aircraft from the early '50s.  During the Cold War, the bad guys developed and used a triple-barrel, single firing mechanism anti-aircraft gun; this failed to produce the desired results, partly because the sighting mechanism always placed the rounds aft of the cabin.  You will see the same pattern on many Cessna's, Navion's, etc., from that era.  What you are looking at are actually battle wounds from a veteran aircraft!

As a proud American, I suggest you buy your Bo a beer and celebrate tonight!


You must be drinking.  Dude, the holes are perfect, in line, cut out.

Would you believe aircraft used to have a flare-rack in them; purpose was to fire them off over an un-lighted night landing area to illuminate it.  Worked well, except the forest service got tired of all the fires.

Didn't think so.....