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08/28/2012 Ask Mike! Archive
1991 A36 Rear Club Seats

I have a 1991 A36 which started life as a KLN instrument trainer.  It has forward facing rear seats.  I want to change to club seating.

Will I be able to get salvage parts to retrofit?  Many parts apparently are not available from Beech (or they do not list price or inventory).

Do I need a field approval or STC for this?

Do you have an estimate of the cost for this conversion?



Many of these aircraft were delivered with long (equal length) rails in all six rear-spar locations.  If yours is so equipped, and being the seats are interchangeable (i.e., the left seat would move to the right position, and vice-versa), confirm there are no other restrictions in your POH, and turn them around.  If you do not have the long rails, you will need to source these, as well as the spar cover.  Try www.bonanzaparts.biz.

Log book entry would do it (as a factory option, minor change).