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09-02-2004 Ask Mike! Archive
Wing Bolts


I purchased a 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza S/N D-55. I had a aircraft shop remove the wings so I could transport it back to my hanger. I have a A/I re-installing the wings. I went by the hanger to look at the bolts and he has installed the new wing bolts with the nuts on the inside. I was looking at another plane today and took the bird bath cover off and noticed the nuts were on the wing side instead of the inside. Which is correct installation procedure? He did have a manual that he was looking at but has their been a updated change that we do not know about.



Basically, your IA is correct; on S/N D1 thru D1500, the bolts go from wing to fuselage, nut in fuselage. Exception would be those 35R aircraft with kit 35-694S installed; the lower forward is then installed "normally". According to your serial number, yours is not a 35R. All aircraft D1501 and after the bolts go out from the fuselage into the wing. Did you use new bolts, or magneflux the old ones? Did you have the spar inspected prior to reassembly (AD 63-25-01)? If he used new aluminum washers between the upper fittings, and used the new style nuts called out in the service manual, and lubricated and wet torqued the components (to the corrected wet torque value), it is all according to the service manual. My manual date is 8/2003, rev. B21; I believe it is the most current.

Gear Green,