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09-20-2005 Ask Mike! Archive
Beech passenger steps

I have a Beech A23-24 s/n MA345 that has a problem with the passenger step. The top bolt has come out of the tube and the step has cracked the bulkhead at the attach point. There is not enough access to get to the area for repair. I can find no information in the Beech manuals of any help. Can access panels be installed in the baggage compartment?

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks Frank M.

Good Day, Frank.

We ran into a similar problem on a C24R last year after the steps got, well, "ground off".

Beech Tech Support being their usual helpful selves, we did indeed cut small access holes to get into this area. As I recall, they were about 3" diameter, we put a doubler ring with MS21047L08 nutplates, screws in a 0.040" thick plate to close up.

Gear Green,