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09-22-2001 Ask Mike! Archive
Where do I find good interior work?

Where do I go in the WA area to get good interior work done?

Apparently you found an airplane.  Great stuff!
Your phrasing "good interior work" is a bit hard to interpret.  If good means top of the line, call Lindean Aircraft Upholstery on Boeing Field (206-767-4152).  They do a fantastic job.  There are also several other "aircraft" upholstery shops listed in the Aviation yellow pages, but whatever you do get recommendations from satisfied customers. 
Just down the road from us is a shop that specializes in antique and classic auto upholstery; we've educated them as to the fire-retardancy requirements associated with aircraft upholstery, and they've done several jobs for us, quite nicely, and reasonable.  If you choose a local "auto" shop for the work, make sure you specify the material must meet FAR 23.853 or 25.853 specs.  (Most fabric comes with a data sheet showing this information; retain a copy for your logbooks!)
Another option would be mail order.  Airtex, in PA., does good work, but the installation is up to you.  Their number is 215-295-4115.
Gear Green,