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09-22-2002 Ask Mike! Archive
Shoulder harnesses for a 1963 95A-55 Baron

I have just purchased a 1963 95A-55 Baron. I would like to locate shoulder harnesses for this aircraft. Can you suggest a location where I can find such items?



To my knowledge, the only shoulder harness kit available for your series of Baron is the one from Raytheon, Kit No. 55-5012-5P, and addresses the front locations only. I have not installed this kit, but have installed the harnesses in several Bonanzas. I believe it to be similar in installation (same man hours called for installation) and function, i.e. Y type inertia reel. If it is typical to the Bonanza kit, be seated when finding out the price; it's expensive, and takes 30 hours (+/-) to install. But, at what price safety?

Gear Green,