Avstar Aircraft of Washington, Inc.

10415 172nd St. E., Hangar A1
Puyallup, WA  98374
office (253)770-9964
or (253)770-0120
email:  avstarair@att.net

09-27-2000 Ask Mike! Archive
So is AVSTAR really expanding to Florida?

My father was informed that AVSTAR is opening a new location in Orlando, Florida is this true? If so, is there a target date and who would be in charge of hiring? Any information would be appreciated.
Have a great day!

Thank You,
Lynn M
Sounds great to me, I could use the sunshine.  But, alas, not true. 

For us, anyway.  When we named this company, we couldn't find any others with the same name, so we thought we'd be in good shape.  Within 4 months (or so) we found not only one in Texas, but one just 45 miles up the road.  Oh, the luck!, but too late.
The one in Texas has a fairly large flight department, it may be them.
Gear Green,