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10-09-2012 Ask Mike! Question
Ruddervator Balancing Question

Hi Mike,

I see you painted a very nice looking Bonanza.  I am trying to get some information on how to strip, paint and rebalance a set of these.

I cannot find any pictures or drawings on how to rebalance these, do you have any info you can share?



As you are aware, these surfaces are magnesium, therefore there is a slightly different method of strip / prep / paint than with aluminum.  I won't reiterate that here, there are several on-line Q&A forums that have good info archived, including the Ask Mike! section of my website.

As far as the balancing question:  Very good information in section 3 of the 35 Shop Manual; if you are working on Bonanzas and don't have a current copy - get it!  (Order CD350096B22 from HBC; on CD, includes the 33 supplement.)  Listed is counterbalancing or direct force measurement; I use the direct force measurement method as I feel it is far more accurate.  Be sure to use the balance numbers corresponding to your aircraft serial number.