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10-19-2012 Ask Mike! Question
Installing Baron Seats In An Older 35 Bonanza?


I am considering purchasing an older Bonanza 35 and being 6' 2" I am worried about being comfortable with enough leg room.  I stumbled across your article about the seat upgrade to 891JH with Baron seats and installation STC that was purchased.  I was wondering where you found the installation STC and if you have a contact name there?

Thanks for any help you can be in this matter.

Hello Dirk;

The STC is held by Aviation Research Systems in Sandy, Oregon.  It makes for a nice installation.  I am 6' 4", I really wanted to use seats from H thru M, but the Feds wouldn't do a field approval on those due to the STC being available from ARS.  The H-M seats sit lower than the 3-rail seats I used.  Yes, legs are much happier now, but I lost headroom.  Life is a compromise sometimes.  Be happy to help you with the installation if you make that buying decision.

However, depending on where you are located, Hammock Aviation in Ennis, Texas has an "original modifiers certificate" that allows them to install those seats in the early Bo's, but they can't sell it like an STC, only they can perform the installation.



Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the information.  I am in Missouri and looking at several Bo's in Texas so Hammock may be the best choice.  I will contact them for some additional info.  So I'm guessing the H-M models are adjustable and do those models have enough leg room for you?  So can Hammock install H-M seats in an older Bo to get both leg and head room?

Thanks again for the help.

I don't know if Hammock can do the H-M seats, you will need to ask them.  Yes, they are adjustable, kind of a pain to remove & install for maintenance, but those models I fit best in.