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10-21-2000 Ask Mike! Archive
Where do I start on the road to becoming an air traffic controller?

I´m an Air Traffic Control student, and my question is:
1-Where can I find an aviation English course, online? Or if you could help me with my aviation English?
2-Which are the most important steps when someone is thinking to start an air traffic control specialist?


  1. Online course for aviation English? I'm unsure if such exists. Your best bet may be to get some dual from a flight instructor, or pick up some books on flying (instruction manuals from pilot courses.) The private manuals are very basic, and explain terminology quite well. As you progress, the instrument, commercial, and CFI manuals will inform you as to the other terms that may be helpful.  Sorry, I'm a bit too tied up with maintenance activities to tutor you.
  2. Study, get your private & instrument pilot ratings, study more, then take the application test. About 15 years ago, I took the test, failed miserably, and decided to stay in my true calling, maintenance.

Good Luck,