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10-26-2005 Ask Mike! Archive
Tach replacements

V35B Bonanza SN D9359  We are currently looking for a coil pick up for the tach.  Sends info from  mag to tach.  We have old style vert tach part number for coil pick up is 96-389002-1.  Would you be able to guide us in right direction to buy one?  We have check everywhere and are coming up with no luck.


That pick up is apparently no longer available.  I checked to see if Bendix (TCM Ignition) had a replacement, but no.
A search through the Bonanza kit directory found a solution, and, I don't think you're going to like it. 
Raytheon Kit No. 36-3002-1M, replaces the vertical instruments with round ones for your airplane.  RAPID's web site says available in December, with a price of $12.5K.
My suggestion:  Panel space available, go with a Horizon digital tach; nice units.
Gear Green,