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11-06-2004 Ask Mike! Archive
Over heating problems a normal turbocharged engine normally have

I would like to purchase a 1995-2000 Bonanza B36TC and have a new Whirlwind II Turbonomalized system installed on a new Superior Air Parts Millennium engine.  I'm concerned about the over heating problems a normal turbocharged engine normally have..
Which way would you go?



The UB engines Raytheon put in theses aircraft did have heating problems. I have a customer that was looking at purchase of one "as removed for a turbine conversion" to put in his aircraft; we determined that would be a downgrade, not an upgrade. We also have had problems with the Millennium engines on turbo-normalized aircraft; but will also tell you Superior stepped up to the plate.

My best advice is to listen to what the folks at Tornado Alley tell you about how their turbo-normalizing conversion will affect performance and correct any of the heat problems normally associated with these aircraft. Get names and phone numbers of their customers that have had this done; find out their first hand experiences.

The concept of taking an engine that relies upon the turbo for rated power at all times, and converting it to turbo normalized makes sense to me!

Gear Green,