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11-09-2004 Ask Mike! Archive
Correct location for the airframe data plate on a 1970 C-23 Musketeer


I recently purchased a 1970 C-23 Musketeer and I was wondering where the correct location for the airframe data plate is supposed to be. This aircraft had some recent airframe repairs and I was just curious. 

Thanks for your time, 

Starting in the mid 1960's, Beech's tendency was to put the data plates on the right side of the fuselage behind the wing, but partially obstructed if the flaps are fully retracted.  I just looked at a C24R we currently have in the shop; this is where that unit is, so I would say yours is most likely supposed to be there also.  Hopefully, you do have one, as an aircraft is considered not airworthy without it, and the FARs (45.11) state they can be removed for maintenance purposes, they must be reinstalled to the same location and aircraft.  Raytheon gets a fortune for replacement units...
Gear green,