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11-17-2010 Ask Mike! Archive Page
Oil Too Cold

Good morning,

On cold days the oil temp on the JPI700 is 164-167 degrees.  This was the temperature LOP and ROP.  What can I put in front of the oil cooler (that is approved) to keep the oil warmer.  This is in an A33 with IO550 and D'Shannon baffles.

Thank you Mike


Hi Kenneth,

Key phrase is approved.  This leads me to 2 questions back to you:  Do you have the louvered lower gill plates?  If so, did you keep the originals and try them?  Other than that, if your CHTs are also running cooler - which I suspect they are this time of year, I'd suggest coming up with a set of the Beech winter baffles that screw onto the nose bowl upper bulkhead.  I do not recall anything in the D'Shannon literature that says they are not approved.  I think I may have a set if you can't find some locally.

Gear Green,