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11-29-2010 Ask Mike! Question
Starting Question, V35 With IO520

Hi Mike,

Hope you all had a great Holiday and things are going well!

I wanted to ask your opinion regarding starts during this cooler weather.  For whatever reason, the engine has been reluctant to start the last couple of times when the temperature is around 40 degrees.  Last Thursday, I ended up flooding it and gave up.  Today, it would fire and die, I finally primed it again by running up the fuel flow to 12-14 GPH and it took right off.

When its cooler, should I be priming it a bit more than I would when the temp is 50 degrees and above???

It ran great after I got it started, no other symptoms that I am aware of...


38S, 1966 V35

Hi Steve;

One of the more entertaining Thanksgivings, and we'll leave it at that!

Generally, a little more prime is needed at the lower temperatures as the fuel won't vaporize as rapidly, so give it a bit more so there is a larger supply to vaporize and get it started.  You didn't mention what you normally boost to, but 12-14 sounds about 'normal', if there is such a thing.  Every engine is just a bit different.

A flooded start is actually easy to overcome.  If I get a new bird in that I have not run before, and it is a bit cantankerous to start, I will often flood them intentionally.  (That way, you know what you have to deal with.)  If you are sure it's flooded (fuel draining from the manifold drain), go throttle full, mixture at ICO, and start cranking.  As it starts to fire, slowly reduce throttle, then add in the mixture.

Much appreciate the good words you are spreading on the ABS and BeechTalk sites!