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12-13-2005 Ask Mike! Archive
Engine for 1965 C-310J

I'm on a limited budget and need an engine for my 1965 C-310J, an IO-470-U. I've seen a lot of other IO-470's, some L's, R's, etc.. Can any of these be used in my plane using my existing accessories or are there major differences between the IO-470's that preclude their being swapped?



The IO-470-V was used in 310's after the J, so there is probably a good possibility you may get a field approval for use of that engine, as it appears to be dimensionally similar, same rating at rpm, etc. Under certain conditions, an engine may be converted to a different dash number. Some of the problems you can run into when converting an engine to use would be:

  • Crankshaft length - for example, the IO-470-L's are longer
  • Mounting system
  • Induction system - although it is only "bolt-on"
  • Dampener configuration
  • and of course, resale of either the aircraft as non standard, or core trade in for that engine at next OH time

Naturally, before you buy any engine other that the one specified for your aircraft, have a solid plan with your technician and a pre-approval from your FAA representative.

Gear Green,