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12-18-2003 Ask Mike! Archive
Bonanza turbo

Did you retain the dual Turbos on this bird or were they shelved? I might be interested in the turbo system for our B33.  What type of engine was the original with the turbos? What type is the Millenium rebuild?



The turbos were kept. They were overhauled, new ducts as required etc., but, we had a heck of a time getting more than 3 - 4 inches out of them, which was consistent with how they operated prior to the work. (They are originally designed to provide 25" MAP @ 20,000 ft., we never found anyone that came close to that claim.) Contacting the original installer of them on this aircraft (1974), we found out that was all they would do then. After much searching, the owner found a man in Texas that was the guru of the system. He reworked a couple of components, and now the bird will get about 23" to 18,000 ft. Not too bad.

This aircraft is a J35 with the (original) 250 HP IO-470-C; the engine was overhauled to the Millenium by Eagle in Redding, CA., as I recall, it's the Platinum level.

These turbo-normalizers were offered on many different types of aircraft, and are covered by many different STCs. The IO-470-J, K, and C engines covered on one STC, the IO-470-N on another, and airframe installation on the 470 Debs and Bonanzas was the other STC.

Currently, we have a G35 in the shop going thru major trauma repair; I hope to be posting photos of that one soon. It has the Hammock 260 conversion and the owner would like to add the turbo system. The engine is covered by one of the above STCs, the airframe is not, so we've applied for a field approval to do this installation.

Obviously, the turbo system does raise maintenance costs, so if you are planning a lot of high altitude work, it may be of benefit.

Gear Green,