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12-19-1998 Ask Mike! Archive
Should I remove my wheel fairings for the winter?

Dear Mike:

I like to leave the wheel fairings on my Cessna 182, my mechanic says it's not a good idea in the winter, but can't tell me why, except that "that's the way we always do it". 

Any suggestions?



I'm going to assume you live in a freezing climate (or your mechanic used to be in one).  Snow, ice, and, yes, even water splashed up in the fairings and on the brakes can freeze the tire in the fairing and the brake linings to the disc.  No problem when you're in the air.  When you land, things can get real exciting.  I recall, about 12 years ago, when I worked in Eastern Washington; a Border Patrol aircraft & pilot were transferred up from Texas.  He came in one day and we did a 50 hr inspection.  We advised him to remove the fairings from his 182; he declined due to the loss of speed he would net.  On his subsequent landing attempt at SFF, he had both tires locked up.  He applied power and asked tower to call us (we were at an airport 20 miles north) and let us know he'd be back in to have the fairings removed.  We also changed two tires.
Gear Green,