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The one thing seaplane pilots would prefer not to think about is failure to get the engine started once afloat.  How about a hotter spark to light that baby up?

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Before going on floats this season, Don investigated the pros of the ElectroAir Electronic Ignition System, and made two no-brainer decisions:  It looked like the right thing to do, and have AVSTAR install it!

These systems are comprised of the coil pack, controller (computer), MAP sensor, timing pick-up (either a crankshaft trigger wheel or a mag timing housing), spark plugs, switches & circuit breakers and interconnection wiring.  Due to factory installations, as well as other installed STCs over the years, consideration needs to be made for component placement before picking up too many tools.

Cessna 182 instrument panel   Pre-installation Cessna 182 panel   Cessna 182 before installing ElectroAir Electronic Ignition   Cessna 182 engine compartment   Engine compartment pre-installation   Pre-installation photo Cessna 182

Once it is all mapped out, time to go to work!

The MAP sensor and controller should be inside the cabin, so mounting them adjacent to each other is painless:  New mount they attach to, then bolted through the firewall into nutplates for easier R&R.

Electro Air Electronic Ignition installation   Installation - ElectroAir Electronic Ignition   182 ElectroAir Electronic Igntion installation
The 'mag timing housing', as the name implies, replaces a magneto to sense engine position.

Mag Timing Housing - 182

Coil gets mounted in this girl on the lower forward firewall.  This required re-positioning the ground power relay.

Cessna 182 Coil Pack Mounting   Coil Pack mounting - ElectroAir Electronic Ignition installation

Finish up the wiring, test runs complete.

ElectroAir Electronic Ignition wiring installation   Cessna 182 ElectroAir Electronic Ignition wiring installation

Let's grab the fishing poles and go!

Cessna 182 floating on lake