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On the typical door, if it pops open in flight, you may loose a chart or two, but on a reverse opening cargo door, say on a Cessna 206, things will get bent.

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Cessna 206 cargo door damage

The wrinkles in the skin behind the right rear window just show the start of trouble

Cessna 206 with cargo door removed for repair

The structural damage was fairly extensive

Cessna 206 fuselage repair

Fuselage repair on a Cessna 206

Several bulkheads needed repair or replacement, then new skins were fit as needed

206 with new skins installed

Detail of work on the inside

206 with new skins installed

206 cargo door repair - skins installed

Metal repair work completed, aircraft sent out for paint work

Cessna 206 after cargo door popped open in flight repair

Post paint, final assembly.  Another job completed and awaiting delivery!