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Mike and two of his buddies buy a derelict F35 and make it into a plane of their dreams.  In this installment, Mike, John & Craig set about working on the fuselage cabin area.

891JH Update #1

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F35 Bonanza with belly being removed

Aircraft secured, time to start taking out the old belly.
Bulkhead and belly skin removed from F35

Lower FS 150 bulkhead and belly skins FS 151 to 179 removed.
Bonanza having bulkhead and skins removed

Lower FS 131 & 150 bulkheads and belly skins FS 131 to 179 removed.
F35 bulkheads and floor structure being instaled

New lower bulkheads and floor structure fit FS 131 to 170.
Bonanza with new floor structure installed

Looking up at new floor structure.
Fitting and drilling new belly skin

Fitting and drilling new belly skins.
Installing new large baggage door frame on a Bonanza

Fitting and installing new large baggage door lower and aft frames, lower skin.
Baggage door installation near completion 

Baggage door nearing completion.
Bonanza structure removed for large window installation

With lower and side rigidity back, we removed upper structure for the large windows.
New upper structure for long window, left side view

New upper structure for the long window is fit, left side view.
Upper structure for long window, right side view

New upper structure for the long window is fit, right side view.
Fitting new upper skins on an F35

Fitting the new upper skins, FS 131 to 179.

 Riveting progress, new upper skins, Beech F35 Bonanza

Riveting progress, new upper skins, FS 131 to 179.
New upper skin installation complete on an F35

New upper skins completed.
New instrument panel installation in a Beech F35 Bonanza

New instrument panel installation.
Battery box installation in a Bonanza

New battery box installation. An access hole was left in the firewall for ease of avionics installation and maintenance.

New windshield being fit and drilled in a Bonanza

New windshield being fit and drilled.

Bonanza forward window installation

Forward window holes had to be oversized and chamfered after initial drilling.
Structure added for hat shelf and back baggage wall

Finishing structure added for hat shelf and back baggage wall; then the plane was masked and sent out for interior paint as needed.
Bonanza forward cabin area after painting

Forward cabin area after painting.