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Engine install.

891JH Update #5

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We are installing an IO-470 that is essentially 0 SMOH. We went with the D’Shannon baffle system, ADC oil filter, PCU-5000 governor, and an Interav alternator. Note the paint co-ordination. We finally decided on the colors for the bird; it is an off-white/bluish for the basic color; the trim colors are 2000 Dodge Durango Platinum, and 2001 Ford Mustang Blue, both naturally metallic. We detailed intake runners, rocker covers, engine mounts, etc., with the trim colors, and special ordered the baffles in our platinum. Remember, good looks are important!
IO-470 being installed in a Beech F35 Bonanza

Engine set into position, baffles starting to be installed.
Baffles being installed in a Bonanza

Front view of baffle installation

Baffle installation continues.
D'Shannon Aviation baffle installation shown

The D’Shannon Baffles are truly a system, note the panel on the upper cowl door for the seal to gently rest on for an air-tight fit.
Nose gear installed on a Beech F35

With the big parts getting installed, the frame we had supporting the fuselage was not looking good, so we installed the ‘grasshopper legs’ at the rear spar, and installed our nose gear. Much better sleep at night now!
Landing gear transmission in a Bonanza

Of course, the nose gear needed to stay down and locked, so the landing gear transmission was installed after overhaul.
Installation details of the alternator, remote oil filter and new wiring

New alternator, remote oil filter, wiring and hoses shown

New wiring and hoses in an F35 Bonanza

Installation details of the alternator, remote oil filter, all new wiring and hoses.
Hartzell Super Scimitar propeller from D'Shannon Aviation

I’d say the business end is shaping up nicely. This is the Hartzell Super Scimitar propeller, from Beryl D’Shannon Aviation.