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This time, we worked on some fuselage details, as well as landing gear strut overhaul.

891JH Update #2

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Right stabilizer and cuff installed to check fit

Right stabilizer and cuff installed to check fit and alignment

Instrument panel in a Beech F35 Bonanza

A few instruments and cardboard radios installed. A guy’s gotta dream!

Northwest Aviation Conference display, 2004

891JH on display at the Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show, February 2004

Fuel selector and boost pump positioning check

Fuel selector and boost pump positioning check. The mount, pump, and selector are from a K35.

Seat frames from a K35 Bonanza

Seats to be used also from a K35. The front seats are adjustable, but don’t sit as high as the commonly used P and later seats - a bonus when you’re tall in the saddle like John & Mike.

Landing gear with years of accumulated grease and crud

The landing gear had years accumulation of crud and grease.  After disassembly, washing, and preliminary inspection, the landing gear parts were masked for sand-blasting or glass-blasting.  Landing gear parts were then thoroughly washed, re-inspected, then re-masked and sent out for paint.  Two coats of epoxy primer, two coats of acrylic urethane paint applied to landing gear components.

F35 landing gear parts laid out after paint, ready for reassembly

Landing gear parts laid out, re-cleaned, ready for assembly.

Assembled right landing strut from a Beech F35 Bonanza

Assembled right gear strut.