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891JH Update #7

Corrosion control and assembly work

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As we are aware, the primary purpose of paint is to protect the metal, basically corrosion control - right?  so, after yet more cleaning, the parts are prepped and finally readied for paint.  After a good coat of epoxy primer, the overall color is applied to the fuselage, lower and inboard wing surfaces, and tail surfaces, including ruddervators that were repaired with all new parts (except the serial number plates).  New root seals were fit to the stabilizers; then the stabilizers installed with new hardware, and ruddervators hung.

Several rolls of masking tape later, a stripe scheme was devised.  The layout tape was then replaced with fine-line tape in preparation for the stripes.  Ruddervators removed, final mask and trim colors applied.  'Parts' brought back to the assembly area.

Tail of an F35 with new paint

Front view of a Bonanza with new paint

Gotta love it when a plan comes together!

Attaching a wing to an F35 Bonanza

F35 Bonanza with wing being attached

F35 Bonanza with both wings reattached

Having painted the bottoms and inboard ends of the wings, new seals were installed and the wings were mated with new hardware.

Landing gear on a Bonanza

Interior of a Bonanza after paint

Bonanza gear well after paint

Bonanza interior after painting

Landing gear was installed, all wing to fuselage connections completed and landing gear rigged.

891JH on her own feet after 25 years

Good to see her on her own feet, 25 years later.

Back to the paint shop; after the primary color was applied to the tips, ailerons and the top of the wings, the stripe scheme was taped and applied.

F35 Bonanza with new paint scheme

New paint on a 1955 F35

The tip stripes are similar, but enough different to the fuselage to complement.

Ruddervators and ailerons after installation on a Bonanza

The ruddervators and ailerons were static balanced, then installed.  Flaps were installed, all control systems rigged to spec.

Gold Bonanza emblem on a newly painted 1955 F35 Bonanza

Details of the tail area of a Bonanza after paint

It's all in the details.