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This time we tackle some work to the wings and the aircraft electrical system.

891JH Update #6

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The wings that came with the aircraft were basically scrap from abuse, as the airplane had been apart since 1983.

Replacement wing for an F35 Bonanza

Bonanza wing with skins removed for repair

We found a replacement right wing shortly after the project started, but there were a few dings in some skins that needed clean up.

Bonanza wing being put back together after repair

Bonanza wing during repair

The left wing was another story.  After a couple of years of searching, we found this one in Oklahoma.  Long story short, this wing had problems; poor (hidden) previous repairs, and a trucking company that let a fork-lift driver have his way with it.  We replaced two leading edge skins, the lower outboard box-section skin, added a couple of flush patches and a new spar; finally had something useful!

F35 Bonanza being fit with D'Shannon Aviation tip tanks

D'Shannon Aviation tip tanks being installed

After the metal work was completed, the D'Shannon Tip Tanks were fit.

New paint and wiring on an F35

Detail of new wiring being installed on a Bonanza

Newly painted and wired Bonanza

Wings were once again cleaned.  We decided to paint the bottom surface and gear wells prior to installation; these were done when the fuselage was painted.  Then retract parts, fuel and brake lines, and new wiring was installed.

New wiring in F35 Bonanza

The fuselage had very little electrical wire installed when it was obtained.  What remained was of unknown quality, so it was stripped out and completely rewired.  The instrument panel installation instructions call for reusing 50 year old switches; we thought better of that and installed all new switches and circuit breakers.

Instrument panel being replaced in an F35 Bonanza

Instruments, switches, and circuit breakers were placed, and the task of wiring began.  The radios were sent to Spencer Avionics and wired/interfaced together, then installed as a unit to the aircraft.

406ELT installation aft of the baggage compartment in a Bonanza

The 3-position strobe power supply and the 406 ELT were installed just aft of the baggage compartment.  Also in the photo, note the door for the fishing pole tube in the right 1/3 of the back wall.

Bonanza landing gear and flap motor wiring details

Instrument light dimming assembly

Landing gear and flap motor wiring details.  Also, the transistorized instrument light dimming assembly is mounted below the seat.

Instrument panel in an F35 Bonanza

What a beautiful day it was to finally turn on the master switch!