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Door Steward Approved for Beech Aircraft!

Applies to the 33, 35, 36, 55, 56, 58 and 95 series

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To gain FAA STC approval for a modification on an aircraft, several installations need to be performed as part of refining the instructions.  We obtained an ‘advance kit’ to install the Door Steward from Mtn View Aviation on 891JH, to assist them in their certification process.

 Planning bracket installation

This is the area that the airframe-side bracket is installed.  There are minor variations to this area between models, so prior to having one installed, it must be planned out.

 Bracket positioning

The bracket that was shipped to us was pre-drilled, so it is placed into position to assure proper hole spacing and edge distance were available.

 Confirm edge distance    Install bracket

After drilling the mounting holes, edge distance was again confirmed, holes deburred, and the bracket was installed.

Door-side bracket  

The door-side bracket is positioned by using the original stop in place to find the full door open position, then similar to the airframe-side bracket, it is positioned to the door, drilled, deburred, then riveted into place.

Final installation  

The final installation is very functional.  No more worries about wind catching the door and overriding the original stop, or having the original stop release unexpectedly.  We also installed one of these units to an M35, and found the installation to be aesthetic with an upholstered aircraft!