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This A-model already has the President II conversion with the IO-550 engines, but we're thinking better economy and starting are in order.

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In this case, and being it is a twin, this customers desire is fulfilled with 2 boxes from ElectroAir; an electronic ignition system for certified aircraft.  Finding location to mount controllers, coils, and MAP sensors, twice for a twin, we found to be twice as nice!

Controllers and MAP sensors went under the avionics shelf in the front baggage compartment.  That made for relatively easy access to the MAP gauges for a plumbing tap.

ElectroAir controller and MAP sensor installation  95-55 ElectroAir Electronic Ignition System installation  Beech Baron 95-55 ElectroAir Electronic Ignition

The front of the firewalls were already well spoken for, not much extra room in a Baron.  But the back of the firewalls were available!  A judiciously placed inspection panel helped with that installation.

Baron ElectroAir coil pack installation  Baron Electronic Ignition installation

We made 'dog-houses' to penetrate the firewalls for the ignition harness from stainless-steel sheet, sealed with flame retardant sealer.

Fabricated 'dog-house' for firewall penetration  Details of an ElectroAir Electronic Ignition installation

A couple switches and circuit breakers were added to the instrument panel.

Circuit breakers - 95-55 ElectroAir Electronic Ignition  ElectroAir Electronic Ignition switches - Baron 95-55

And a whole lot of wiring installed and secured...

Wiring detail - 95-55  ElectroAir Electronic Ignition wiring  Baron 95-55 wire routing - ElectroAir  Under the cowl - Baron 95-55 

Wiring routing - Baron 95-55 ElectroAir Electronic Ignition  95-55 ElectroAir Electronic Ignition wire routing  ElectroAir wiring Baron 95-55  ElectroAir Electronic Ignition installed in a Beech Baron