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Since the inception of this website, we showed you how to turn 1950's into present day.  May we now introduce..."Franken-nanza"!

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Mike sold his 1955 F35 to a customer that had been admiring her for a while.  Although JH has a new owner, she has not left the building quite yet; as the customer bought her without the engine...

F35 Bonanza engine

The nose cowl...

Bonanza nose cowl

The engine instruments...

F35 Engine instruments

Or the tip tanks...

Beech tip tanks

Sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?  I guess I forgot to mention that he brought his own engine...

F35 Engine

Nose cowl...

Canted Engine Cowl - F35 Bonanza

Engine instruments...

Engine instruments - F35 Bonanza

And tip tanks...

Tip tanks - F35 Bonanza

Did you notice the engine looks just a little bigger?  Nose cowl just a little different?  Fuel flow gauge and tachometer go just a little higher?  Tip tanks also bigger?

Oh boy are we having fun now!

Above, we showed the new nose cowl.  This style was chosen as we are installing a canted IO-550-B engine.  You will note the same picture shows the larger induction air box that is installed as part of the conversion.  As work progressed, we added in the Electroair Electronic Ignition System and D'Shannon baffles.

F35 Bonanza with new nose cowl  Electroair Electronic Ignition installed on a Bonanza  Electroair Electronic Ignition installed on a Bonanza  Electroair electronic ignition switches

Also, the D'Shannon exhaust system.

D'Shannon exhaust  Beech F35 with D'Shannon exhaust   D'Shannon exhaust on an F35 Bonanza  D'Shannon exhaust on a Bonanza  F35 with D'Shannon exhaust

Keeping the provisions for the nose landing light, an LED fit right in.

LED nose landing light on an F35 Bonanza

Add in some ground operational inspections...

First run after the engine change.  Running an IO-550B in an F35 Bonanza  A Bonanza running with a newly installed IO-550-B engine.

Then the owner showed up for the big day...

F35 Bonanza leaving for a test flight  Test flight after installing an IO-550-B

After the first flight, customer used the words 'wow' and 'incredible' on several occasions, along with something about '180KTS TAS @ 8000 feet'.  With the big grin he had on, I'm surprised he could even speak!  A couple of minor adjustments, and the aircraft flew over to Avionics Shop, Inc. at TIW for the next stage of the transformation.

I guess the stripes will have to wait.