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A recipe for rate of climb and speed; the thirst is quenched!

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  • 1 well-maintained J35
  • 1 factory remanufactured IO-550 engine
  • 1 D'Shannon Aviation Baffle Kit
  • 1 Hartzell Super-Scimitar propeller
  • 2 arm-fulls of elbow grease
  • and miscellaneous parts and supplies to taste


  • Remove an experienced IO-470-C with all the trimmings.
  • Thoroughly clean the nacelle and inspect for defect.  Repair minor discrepancies as needed.  Set aside.
  • In a separate area, set freshly-picked 550 on engine stand, spruce it up a bit with a new color for the rocker covers, then fold in baffle kit, fresh accessories, Tanis engine heater, fuel flow transducer and other niceties.
  • Harmoniously blend the 550-package with the previously prepared J35 with new engine mounting hardware.  Interface the parts together with new wiring, engine controls and hoses.
  • Adorn the installation with new Hartzell propeller, pre-oil, perform ground runs as necessary.  Send aircraft owner out for test flight.  Upon return, make a few adjustments, as needed, and comment to yourself you have never seen this aircraft owner smile so darn much!


  • Serves the pilot plus 3 passengers.
  • Plan on left-overs for about 1700 hours.
  • Enjoy!

IO-470 engine prior to removal

J35 Bonanza with IO-470 engine ready for replacement

A look under the cowling at the remanufactured TCM IO-550 engine

Continental IO-550 installed in a Beech J35

IO550 powerplant install viewed through the cheek

Showing off the new color on the rocker covers of a fresh TCM IO-550 reman installed on a Beech J35

D'Shannon Aviation's black baffling kit installed on a Beech Bonanza J35