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Decisions don't have to be a dilemma; rather, an opportunity.

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Metal in the oil filter and a poor oil analysis report generated attention.  In this aircraft owner's mind, attention to detail was critical.

The IO-520 had performed well for over 1800 hours, but when an engine speaks, we should listen.

Bonanza oil filter with metal showing

Metal in an oil filter from a Beech Bonanza

So, the engine was pulled for overhaul; the engine shop of choice for the customer was Western Skyways, in Colorado.

Removing engine from a Bonanza

Bonanza having it's engine removed

V35B engine before removal

The attention to detail included thorough scrubbing of the nacelle, and inspection of critical components.

Cleaning the engine compartment on a Bonanza

Beech Bonanza engine compartment

Priming before a new engine - V35B

Painting a few part - V35B

Getting ready to put the new engine in a Bonanza

Engine controls were replaced, wiring as needed in preparation of the fresh engine.  The engine came back a little lighter than when it left.  It's true, a 550 weighs less than a 520.  Displacement does mean a measurement of air....  Installation, with the D'Shannon Aviation baffles, was completed.

Installing an engine in a Bonanza

Engine install - V35B

V35B engine installation

D'Shannon Aviation baffling on a V35B Bonanza

V35B showing off her new D'Shannon Aviation baffling

Engine baffling in V35B

Bonanza engine install details

Installed engine in a Beech Bonanza

V35B Bonanza with newly installed engine

Bonanza in front of maintenance hangar