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"Shake Your Booty" takes on a whole new meaning.

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When conditions are wrong, bad things happen. If an aircraft is out of rig, it will fight itself in the air. Combine that with the speed of a Bonanza, a bit of turbulence, and you get flutter. This guy was very lucky; he made a safe landing.
Bonanza belly with tail flutter damage

Bonanza tail flutter damage

Damage caused by in-flight flutter is rather severe.
Bonanza being disassembled for transport to repair facility

onanza being trailered to repair facility

The decision to disassemble and truck to our facility was a no-brainer.
Tail section of a Bonanza being removed

Bonanza fueselage being replaced

The skins and stringers were stretched and loose from behind the baggage compartment to the tail. We obtained another fuselage section from a salvage yard and basically replaced the back half of the fuselage.

Fuselage skins being replaced on a Bonanza 

The lower side skin hole alignment between the old and replacement sections was good. However, the upper skins didn’t align that well. Coupled with a few ‘extra’ antenna holes, we replaced the upper forward side skins
New belly skins being fit and installed on a Bonanza

As the donor section did come from a salvage yard, new skins were also fitted and installed on the belly due to rash.  A little time with the masking tape and paint gun and it looked as good as new.