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A D35 with a twist, the saga continues.

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In the past, we added the speed slope windshield, firewall mounted battery box, and several other niceties.  A couple of years ago, the owner; along with help from Avionics Shop, Inc., at KTIW, installed a G600.  Increased range was the order of this year's goodies; as a bonus, D'Shannon Aviation offered a set of Vortex Generators (VGs).  As we have seen tip tanks get installed here before, let us focus on the VGs!

The VGs were painted concurrently with the tip tanks, but installation comes after paint on these.  The basic templates are well numbered.  They get positioned according to DSA's drawing.

Templates for Vortex Generators being placed on a D35

D35 with VG templates being placed

D'Shannon Aviation VG templates

Before actually installing the self-adhesive templates, areas of rivet interference were identified.  The templates can be adjusted within a tolerance as called out in the instructions.

VG template adjustment - Bonanza

D'Shannon Aviation VG templates being adjusted

VG templates adjustment on a D35

If the tolerance can't be maintained, adjusting the VG itself is necessary.

VG installation on a D35

VG installation from D'Shannon Aviation

Once all templates are installed correctly, the surface of the paint is abraded slightly for tooth adhesion of the two-part epoxy.  Unlike most 2-part epoxies we deal with, the activator is sprayed onto the wing surface.  I use a box with a hole cut into it to control over-spray.

Box used to control over spray

Vortex Generator installation

The adhesive is applied sparingly to the bottom of each VG, then it is installed to the proper location (they are different) and held in place for a few moments, and any extra adhesive is removed.  After a bit of cure time, the templates can be removed.

VG templates on wing of a D35

Templates laid out for VG install on a Bonanza

D35 with newly installed Vortex Generators

Newly instlaled vortex generators on a D35

D35 Bonanza with newly installed vortex generators

Another completed project!

D35 Bonanza showing off her newly installed D'Shannon Aviation Vortex Generators