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Engine upgrade and EDM-930 install

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Retirement leads to travel. If your Bonanza is getting tired, it’s time to rejuvenate for faster and more comfortable travel.

Bonanza ready to have engine removed for upgrade

Engine being removed for upgrade

The old IO-470 has performed well for many years, but there comes a time in every engine’s life...

Engine compartment with engine removed

After removal of the old engine - and years accumulation of grime - we found a few typical repairs needing to be made.

Bonanza with nose bowl removed

Nose bowl removed to facilitate air box change - nope! Not just a straight engine swap going on here!

Bonanza front horizontal bulkhead

Horizontal bulkhead being upgraded

The front horizontal bulkhead had to be modified to accept the later style nose bowl. New air box parts are also being fit here. OK, by now you may have guessed - a canted installation of a 550 is the order!

Upgraded engine being installed in a Bonanza

D'Shannon Aviation baffles installed

The new engine, complete with D’Shannon Aviation engine baffles, is installed to the airframe, then the paint was touched up on the exterior over at the paint shop.

Instruments being removed for a JPI EDM930 installation

EDM930 being installed in a Bonanza

With the power upgrade comes an opportunity to upgrade the engine instruments. The old tach, MAP/FF, and cluster gauges were removed, new metal fit and cut for a JPI EDM-930.

New EDM930 installed

The EDM-930 gives a nice pictorial presentation of engine operation

New prop, overhauled engine and new baffles

The completed mod list includes not only the D’Shannon engine & baffle installation and the EDM-930, but the Hartzell super scimitar prop, Challenger air filter, and for added safety, the Rapco stand-by vacuum system and BAS shoulder harnesses were also installed

Aircraft owner with his upgrade Bonanza

Proud aircraft owner with his new hot rod. On a recent flight, he reported seeing 3000 FMP climb, with cruise speeds well above what was the “normal”. Rejuvenation aside, we re-defined normal!