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Floor corrosion:  more than skin deep.

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We brought a Baron in for a wing bolt inspection.  Normally, the carpets are removed so as to not get them dirty.  This revealed corrosion to the baggage floor skin.

Beech Baron baggage floor corrosion

Floor corrosion in a Beech Baron

There was evidence of past attempts to control the corrosion by sanding.  We decided to remove the floor for further inspection.  This found bad corrosion to the bottom of the floor, as well as structure in the floor.

Corrosion found under baggage floor

Corrosion on structure under floor

Corrosion on structure under floor

Baron with floor corrosion

Disassembly of the structure started, until all damaged members were removed.

Corrosion damaged floor structure member

Corrosion on structural members

Floor corrosion in Baron

Baron floor structural damage from corrosion

Structural damage from corrosion

The aft section of the main body skin was also corroded under the soundproofing.  Removed structure was cleaned, treated and reassembled.

Floor structure on a Beech Baron

Baron floor structure

New belly skin sections fabricated are installed.

New belly skin section installed on Baron

Floor structure after corrosion removed

New aluminum floor boards were fabricated and installed, aircraft sent out for paint touch up as required.