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A TAT equipped A36 receives an Intercooler upgrade

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One of our customers with a TAT equipped A36 decided to perform the intercooler upgrade.  Sounds like a great idea to us!

The aircraft and kit arrive to our facility, parts checked in, and work begins.  Let's see where we need to work.

Beech A36 prior to intercooler upgrade

A Beech A36 before work begins

As alignment of the inlet to the intercooler to the scoop is critical, so the intercooler is located. 

Aligning the intercooler upgrade parts before starting to cut

Turbo inlet and injection metering unit plugged from FOD, template lay-out, then intercooler removed.  Now we look at it a while before cutting!

TATI template on Beech Bonanza

Prepping A36 before cutting holes

Newly cut holes in Beech engine compartment

Initial fit of the scoop showed a pronounced mis-alignment to the bulkhead, so that required grinding out for a straight-through fit from scoop to intercooler.  Enough material was removed that an 'adapter' from the bulkhead to the tube was required.

Prefitting scoop - Beech A36

Fitting intercooler upgrade - Beech A36

Looking through new holes in A36 engine compartment

Adapter plate details - A36 intercooler upgrade

Final fit check made and bond area masked, bond area to nose bug sanded and cleaned.

Final fit check - A36

Adapter plate cleco'd in place - A36

Mask, sand, and clean A36 nose bug

Adapter plate and tube support angles are installed with pro-seal and cherry-max rivets.

Installing adapter plate and tube support - A36

Adapter plate & tube support - inside view - A36

Pro-seal applied to back of scoop, as well as a generous bead around the tube to seal the tube to the adapter on the bulkhead, then the assembly installed and clamped to the new flanges on the bulkhead to hold in position.

Pro-seal applied and curing - A36

A36 masked for pro-seal application

Additional pro-seal added to form a smooth transition from the scoop to the nose bug, and then the mask removed.  Walk away for a day or so...

More pro-seal is applied - A36

Unmasked after pro-seal application - A36

Waiting on pro-seal to cure - A36

A little bit of detail work and it looks like the scoop has been there since new.  Customer is pleased with net result in rate of climb.

Newly installed scoop on A36 nose bug

A36 with newly installed intercooler upgrade