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An M35 gets some lovin' where she's been ignored.

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This is one striking M:  Beautiful paint, clean interior, and an absolutely stunning IO-520 installation.  But, the feet were being neglected.  Time for a trip to AVSTAR for a pedicure.

The landing gear was removed.  During disassembly, measurements were taken to assist with reassembly.

M35 landing gear parts ready for cleaning

Beech landing gear parts to be cleaned

Landing gear apart for cleaning

Ready to be cleaned Beech M35 landing gear parts

Much cleaning of parts ensued!  After cleaning, full inspection was made.  Unfortunately a few parts needed replacing.  Everything was collected and sent out for epoxy-primer and polyurethane top-coating.

Beech M35 landing gear after being painted

Landing gear after cleaning and paint

Looking good at final assembly!

Assembling Beech landing gear after paint

It would be criminal to ignore the gear doors.....

Beech M35 landing gear doors open for inspection

Newly painted Beech M35 landing gear doors