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Belly landing issues addressed on a pressurized Baron, Part 1

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Sometimes we get only part of an airplane to repair.  That's OK; as specialists, we will do what we are called in for.  This P-Baron had the unfortunate experience of a very short landing "roll-out".

Beech pressurized Baron just after gear up landing

P-Baron belly damage from gear up landing

The fuselage was trucked to us for repair.  Our first process was an inspection for internal damage.  As shown, the main carry-through for wing attach was damaged on the lower flange.

Beech P-Baron spar carry through damage

We also took many photos and drawings of the installation of various systems.  This was due to the partially disassembled state we received the aircraft, so we could return it back to the point of reassembly for the technicians on that end.

Beech P-Baron interior damage

P-Baron damage from the inside

Pressurized Baron controls damaged in gear up landing

Dale jumps right into the disassembly process!

Dale jumps right into disassembling the P-Baron

Once the systems are out of the way, skins are removed, damaged structure is documented and replacement parts are ordered as needed.

Landing gear on a damaged Beech 58P

58P damage is revealed

Story continues in part 2.