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Speed slope for a polished T-Bone.

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Not just another window installation. This one has a twist. Take a J-50 Twin Bonanza and add all new glass by Beryl D’Shannon. Problem: The speed-slope windshield conversion in a T-bone uses a fiberglass lower fairing. Well, we have a polished airplane.
Polished Twin Bonanza awaiting new windows

T-Bone Bonanza with old windows

The mighty T-bone as it arrived to our facility with stock, cloudy & scratched green tint windows.
D'Shannon Speed Slope Windshield being installed

Aluminum fairing strip being installed

The fun begins by taking a fairing strip for the Bonanza, cut it in half; then by meticulously stretching, shrinking, and adding in fabricated pieces, an aluminum fairing strip is fabricated.
Aluminum fairing strip pieces ready for assembly

A total of five pieces were made for the fairing strip; these were bonded and riveted together, dressed, then initial polished.

New D'Shannon Aviation Speed Slope windshield installed in T-Bone 

After windshield installation, the lower strip was detail polished.
Gray tinted windows in a Twin Bonanza

Profile of the airplane enhanced with the sloped windshield. The new gray tinted windows look great on a polished airplane!